How the Chicago Bears trading for this position sets up the perfect 2023 NFL Draft

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Chicago Bears, Jeffery Simmons
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A trade could give the Chicago Bears the best of both worlds

Getting back to how the Bears approach this offseason, it is well known that dancing "Bear" left tackles with exceptional height, girth, strength, athleticism and quick feet are a very rare species to find among the entirety of humanity. Probably, next on this rare-to-find list is defensive linemen who weigh between 290 to 300 pounds and have enough height, power, and short area quickness to, consistently, pressure a quarterback as an interior lineman.

All of this points to making a trade for a very good 3T being the best way to give the Bears the best possible left tackle available to them as well as for them to acquire a hard-to-find yet talented player who fits the most important need on their defense. Yes, there are some potentially good to very good prospects in this draft to play 3T for the Bears.

However, the draft is always a crap shoot to one degree or another. In this case, the gamble is magnified for this reason. Any and perhaps all of the potential 3T's that could become available to the Bears with their picks after the 9th pick could easily turn out to be round pegs, the Bears try to put into a square hole. Jalen Carter is the only 3T that has the talent and skill set that is not a gamble for the Bears. Ironically, drafting Jalen Carter is still a pretty big gamble but for different reasons than his skill set.

There has been some recent talk about the Bears trading for the Titans 3T, Jeffery Simmons. However, I am not at all inclined to believe this is a genuine option. On the other hand, given that the Colts appear to be in rebuild mode, it seems quite possible that DeForest Buckner can be had in a trade at the right price. The Bills, Ed Oliver is also a 3T that may or may not be available in a trade.