4 Chicago Bears who may get traded before the 2023 regular season

-A preseason standout could get the Bears a return

-A player buried on the depth chart

-Two names living off of their draft status

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Last year, the Chicago Bears were the team that had to make an unprecedented number of waiver claims to fill their 53-man roster; how the times have changed. This year, the roster has enough depth that there are tight decisions near the edge, and some teams may even want a leftover or two from this roster.

4. Could the Chicago Bears get a return for Trevis Gipson?

One of the big talks from last weekend was Trevis Gipson. Gipson went from off of many fans' radar to many fans wanting him to start, just based on the second and third quarters of a preseason opener against a backup lineman. That may be a bit too quick of an overreaction. While Gipson definitely helped his stock, he may have actually just improved his chances of catching on elsewhere.

Yannick Ngakoue and DeMarcus Walker did not even suit up for the game because the team did not need to see anything from them. That is a different level than Gipson. Even Rasheem Green and Dominique Robinson started and were pulled early because it was a preseason game.

Gipson played so much because he is on the roster bubble. Playing well helps his case, but Terrell Lewis was equally as good in this game. So, the Bears could keep six edge rushers, or they could try to move one. Ryan Poles signed Ngakoue, Walker, and Green. He drafted Robinson and claimed Smith on waivers.

Poles inherited Gipson. More than that, none of the other four got the chance that Gipson had last year, and Gipson squandered it away. If anyone is still last on the totem pole, it is Gipson. His play this week is huge for the Chicago Bears because they may not have to cut him after all. However, that is because Gipson could have just landed a day-three pick from a pass-rush-starved franchise.