4 Chicago Bears who may get traded before the 2023 regular season

-A preseason standout could get the Bears a return

-A player buried on the depth chart

-Two names living off of their draft status

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Alex Leatherwood, Chicago Bears
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2. 1. Would the Chicago Bears get anything for Alex Leatherwood or Velus Jones

These two are less likely, which is why we have them grouped together. However, there is definitely a chance that the Chicago Bears could get a phone call from either Velus Jones or Alex Leatherwood. For Jones, the case is simple. He was a third-round pick not long ago. Did the Chicago Bears reach? Yes.

But, another team may have coveted his talents. It was only one year ago, so some teams may think that the Bears are cutting bait too early. If the Bears even got a seventh-round pick back for Jones they would have to consider it at this point. Any team could see Jones and think they get three years of rookie salary for a former third-rounder, and it only costs them a seventh. It could work.

Then, there is Alex Leatherwood. He was cut by the Raiders, but the Bears did claim him. Still, he was bad at right tackle. Now, he is onto left guard. That may be something that helps increase his value. The Chicago Bears just claimed Logan Stenberg, giving them guard depth.

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In a perfect world, Stenberg and Leatherwood both play well enough in the preseason that the Chciag Bears can trust Stenberg and then turn around and trade Leatherwood based on his name value. Both are more dream scenarios than Gipson or Vildor, but they are possible, especially with the draft status of these players.