6 Chicago Bears who may get traded, and the odds they're moved at the trade deadline

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Cody Whitehair
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5. Would the Chicago Bears get anything for Cody Whitehair?

This could include Lucas Patrick, but the veteran status and experience of Cody Whitehair at least make it possible that the team will trade for him. Whitehair has been awful this season, but contending teams with offensive line issues have to think that if they just need him for a playoff run, maybe the change of scenery gives him just enough of a spark that he can be a contributor.

Beyond that, he will go to a team where he does not have to be the best lineman who plays multiple spots whenever they need him. Whitehair has struggled, but he would deserve one last run with a contender after such a strong career with the Bears.

The odds are definitely low because the Bears would not get much back for him. Still, teams with offensive line issues cannot just find starters anywhere. The Bears can also eat his salary to try to get something back in exchange for him. The Bears will need to cut him this offseason to save about $9M anyways. Why not try to get something back? If any team calls with any offer, they should take it.

10% chance the Chicago Bears trade Cody Whitehair