6 Chicago Bears who may get traded, and the odds they're moved at the trade deadline

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Eddie Jackson, Chicago Bears v Dallas Cowboys
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4. is Eddie Jackson healthy enough for the Chicago Bears to trade him?

In a better scenario, Eddie Jackson may have been the most likely player to get traded. As he stands right now, it is hard to see anything happen. Jackson makes sense at his age and at the Bears' status in the rebuild. He is going to be costing $18M on the cap next year, and the Bears would save over $12M by moving on from him. This will be his last season with the team. Elijah Hicks has already started enough that the team might as well finish the year with him and see if he can grow, especially when you consider the Bears record.

The issue is that Jackson is not healthy right now, and that is why Hicks has been playing. Jackson has not been healthy much in the past three seasons. He had a season-ending foot injury last year, and now he is out with another foot injury right now. If he came back and had a couple of starts before the trade deadline, it would be easier to see the Bears moving.

His combination of contract, injury, and age makes it hard to see anyone taking a shot on him this season.

10% chance Chicago Bears trade Eddie Jackson