6 Chicago Bears who may get traded, and the odds they're moved at the trade deadline

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Las Vegas Raiders v Chicago Bears, Jaylon Johnson
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3. Would the Chicago Bears trade Jaylon Johnson?

Jaylon Johnson may get the Chicago Bears the most return as they stand right now. He is healthy, unlike a lot of these guys. He is only a rental due to his contract, but his contract also is not hindering teams from calling, unlike Whitehair and Jackson. Beyond that, he is playing well.

Jaylon Johnson entered the season with one interception. He had a lot of pass breakups but did not have any interceptions to show for it. As he was looking for a contract, you have to believe the low interception numbers were impacting his status.

On Sunday, he picked off two passes and took one to the house for a pick-six. That was the best game of his career on paper, and he has his stock higher than ever. Unlike other players, teams will legitimately call for him.

The Chicago Bears have to decide if they think that they can re-sign him. If they think he will stay, they should keep him. If they have any fears that he wants to leave to the highest bidder, they should trade him to the highest bidder.

20% chance Chicago Bears trade Jaylon Johnson