Chicago Bears trading for Keenan Allen reveals 2024 NFL Draft plan

The addition of Keenan Allen certainly gives Ryan Poles a new draft ideology.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears make their big free agency splash, but in this case, they didn't sign anyone. For the price of a 2024 fourth-round pick, the Chicago Bears give D.J. Moore his receiver partner, Keenan Allen.

With two superstar wide receivers in Moore and Allen, Ryan Poles and the Bears have a much different NFL Draft plan than they likely did a week ago. It's possible that this was a deal the Bears have been working on for a while, but with the execution of this trade, their draft plan for the next month is a bit more clear.

The Chicago Bears' 2024 NFL Draft plan becomes clearer after Keenan Allen trade

Allen is a Chicago Bear, and the city of Chicago is dancing. It's safe to say, Ryan Poles is cooking.

In 11 seasons with the Chargers, Keenan Allen has cemented himself as one of the best receivers in the NFL with over 10,000 receiving yards and 59 TDs. And now, the Chicago Bears add him to an offense with D.J. Moore, D'Andre Swift, Roschon Johnson, Cole Kmet, Gerald Everett, and possibly Caleb Williams.

This move does make it seem like the Bears will be trading back at some point, given how few picks they have at the moment. Currently, the Bears have picks: No. 1, 9, 75, and 122. Considering Poles' sentiment of building through the draft— as well as his history of trading during drafts— it'd be shocking to see Poles leave the 2024 NFL Draft having only selected four players.

Since being hired in Jan. 2022, Poles has made seven draft-day trades, and that trend will likely continue this year. If Poles wants to build through the draft, there's a need for draft picks. The Bears aren't a perfect team yet, and they have a ways to go. However, the addition of Allen makes it easier for the Bears to comfortably trade down, while not worrying if they miss on a player within the top 10. Trading down to get more picks to then turn into more players who fill more holes is a good strategy. On top of it being a good idea, it's an idea Poles likely has himself.

If the Bears miss out on Marvin Harrison Jr., Rome Odunze, or Malik Nabers, it's not as abysmal of a decision by Poles. The Bears now have the peace of mind to be able to trade back from picks No. 1 or 9 and not fear that they'll be in a terrible spot. Trading back from No. 9 with Rome Odunze and Malik Nabers still on the board would be close to a fireable offense for Poles prior to the Keenan Allen trade. Now, however, the Bears can afford to miss out on one of those top-end receivers.

The idea of being able to trade back and obtain more picks is now the most likely option. It would be wildly uncharacteristic for Poles to leave this draft with only four total picks, and it would cause Bears fans to turn their head in confusion.

With this Keenan Allen trade, expect Ryan Poles and the Chicago Bears to be active in the trade-down department. If they don't it'd be a shocking decision by Poles and the Bears.

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