Travis Kelce inadvertently disses Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Eberflus

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Daniel Bartel-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce (the Kelce brothers) decided to do a podcast together - "New Heights". In their most recent episode, they played a game involving the coaches photo from the 2023 NFL owners meeting. Before we get into that, if you have not seen the photo, please click here and check out Chicago Bears head coach, Matt Eberflus. The guy has been hitting the gym hard and looks swole - especially in his chest. Apparently, his new, ripped body has made him completely unrecognizable.

The game that the Kelce brothers played on their podcast involved Jason Kelce asking his brother Travis Kelce to name the coaches in the 2023 NFL coaches photo. Travis Kelce proceeds to tell his brother that he's not good with names. Jason Kelce agreed and they made a change to say either the coaches name or just the team the coach oversees. Let's just say, not many names were said. However, when Travis Kelce got to Matt Eberflus, his reaction was hilarious.

Travis Kelce apparently does not know who the Chicago Bears hitch is

Travis Kelce struggled to name the coach or the team of the coach in three of 11 coaches. When he came upon Matt Eberflus, Kelce had this to say...

"After Jets...nothing. I don't even...I've never seen that man in my f#*$ing life!"

Travis Kelce, Chiefs

Matt Eberflus has been a coach in the NFL since 2009. He spent the early part of his career being an assistant and eventually becoming a coach at Toledo and Missouri. Eberflus' first coaching gig was with Toledo as an outside linebackers coach. He held that position for five years before transitioning to the defensive backs coach. Eberflus received a promotion when he left Toledo to be the defensive coordinator of Missouri. Once he made his way into the NFL as a linebackers coach for the Cleveland Browns, it did not take long for Eberflus to move up.

Eberflus was the linebackers coach in Cleveland for two years. He then landed a gig doing the same job for the Dallas Cowboys. After seven years doing that position, Ebeflus became the defensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts. After four years doing that, Ryan Poles gave Eberflus a chance at being the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

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Now, you would think that a coach who spent time in both the AFC and the NFC would be making some type of impression on not only his players but also among opponents. Apparently, that was not the case with Travis Kelce regarding Matt Eberflus. I found the whole thing hilarious but I expect Kelce to remember Eberflus after the 2023 season since the Bears and Chiefs are slotted to play against one another at some point this season.