Could Chicago Bears see Trevis Gipson bounce back in 2023?

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If there is one position that many fans believe the Chicago Bears did not do enough to fill the room, it has to be an edge rusher. While it is fair that the Bears can sign an edge rusher before training camp starts, they also may be looking for some of the names on the roster to step up.

Could Chicago Bears see Trevis Gipson bounce back in 2023?

Dominique Robinson is only in his second NFL season and could see a jump, but also Trevis Gipson is not ready to be written off yet. At this time last year, fans were more excited about Gipson than almost anyone.

He even had a solid first half of the season, and when the team traded Robert Quinn, it looked at as a win for Trevis Gipson. Boy, was that wrong. He fell off of the face of the earth from that point and went from a solid rusher to one of the worst in the NFL.

While this can easily be explained by the idea that he was only cleaning things up and was not ready to take a step forward, a case was made for a bounce back. While the Chicago Bears did not add a big-name rusher to take the pressure away, the added depth should at least help Gipson.

It was actually stunning to see how often Gipson would face a double team.

As you can see, he is not winning against double teams, and Myles Garrett and Micah Parsons are so good because they do win against double teams. However, he is getting double-teamed as much as Parsons, Za'Darius Smith, and Aidan Hutchinson. Those are big-time names, and Gipson is getting that type of respect.

Sure, it was is less about Gipson and more about the reality that no one else on the line was worth paying attention to. Still, it is no wonder that Gipson did not produce when he was getting attention like the best in the NFL.

In the first half of the season, Gipson ranked 13th in pressure per snap rate, he ranked 10th in pass rush win rate, and his raw numbers went down across the board. That is what happens when he goes from being the guy opposite Robert Quinn to being the guy who is treated like Robert Quinn.

Trevis Gipson does not have to get back to those numbers, but he fell from 13th to 70th in pressures per snap and from 10th to 53rd in win rate. Those drops are insane, and they came immediately after Quinn was traded.

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DeMarcus Walker and Rasheem Green can help with the attention, but Gipson still needs to handle his own. At this time last year, some saw Trevis Gipson as that top-15 guy, but now he is being viewed as all he will ever be is that bottom-five pass rusher in the league. If he can find a happy medium closer to the 30th in each, it would be a great addition to the pass rusher and make the room look much better than perceived.