Tyson Bagent proves two things in Chicago Bears loss to the Chargers

The Chicago Bears look below average again in the Sunday night loss to the Chargers. Tyson Bagent ends up proving at least one thing in this game.

Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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Chicago Bears, Velus Jones Jr.
Chicago Bears, Velus Jones / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears still have a lack of talent problem

We now know for sure (most of us already knew this) that the Chicago Bears have a coaching problem more than a quarterback problem. However, we are also seeing how the Chicago Bears have a talent problem. When asked where the Bears are at in the rebuilding process, Ryan Poles said the team is roughly 75-80% complete. I know the team is dealing with some injuries right now, but they are still lacking serious talent in some key areas.

When you see Velus Jones continue to make mistakes on offense (and thank goodness no longer in the punt game), you have to wonder why he's still here. That is a Ryan Poles mistake. The same could be said about the Chase Claypool trade. Although, I still understand the process. Some of these moves by Ryan Poles are starting to weigh on many Chicago Bears fans. They are calling for his head. I think too many fans are showing impatience though. They are in Year 2 of a major rebuild and it is going to take some time if Ryan Poles is going to do things right. 2023 was never going to be the year.

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That doesn't discount the lack of talent in areas. Darnell Wright looks legit. Left tackle is still suspect. DJ Moore is elite, but Darnell Mooney is at best a WR3. The team needs another receiving threat as soon as possible. On defense, the team is lacking on the defensive line. There is not enough pressure without using blitzes. Center is obviously an area of concern too. Ryan Poles isn't going to be fired at the end of the season. Poles has his hands full and tough decisions to make. However, he has a serious amount of cash coupled with some great draft capital for 2024. We just need patience.