The ultimate Chicago Bears 2023 NFL Draft guide

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Chicago Bears, John Michael Schmitz
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Second Day 2 Target: John Michael Schmitz, Center - Minnesota

John Michael Schmitz aka JMS is a super senior out of Minnesota, who just turned 24, and as you would hope for an older prospect, he is about as well-rounded as anyone has ever been coming out of college. JMS has no true weaknesses, he’s great as a pass protector, great as a run blocker, he is very mobile, and he’s a jack of all trades at center.

Schmitz, who is from the Illinois area, would be an instant plug-and-play for the Bears or for any team and could anchor the center position for the next 8+ years easily. A knock on Schmitz is that he is never gonna be that freak athlete and game-breaker like other centers who are simply more physically gifted. I’m banking on his age and ceiling being a reason why he falls because the Bears picking him up in the second would be a great pick.

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