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Andrew Vorhees
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Third Day 3 Chicago Bears Target: Andrew Vorhees, IOL - USC

Vorhees recently tore his ACL during the end of the season, but drafting him on Day 3 and letting him fully recover would be a good move for his long-term success. The Bears currently have uncertainty everywhere on the offensive line outside of Nate Davis. Adding a high-floor backup that could be a plug-and-play player when inevitable injuries strike would be a good move long term. 

Vorhees would also be insurance on Teven Jenkins who is a great player when on the field, but him being able to stay on the field is yet to be determined so far. As much as people don’t want to admit it, the Bears might need to draft 3+ offensive linemen with starting potential in the draft because of how much uncertainty is on that unit. If Teven doesn’t stay healthy, I don’t see a universe where this regime commits to him long-term, and even if he does stay healthy, I still don’t know if they would commit long-term.

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