4 underrated Chicago Bears players who could make a massive impact next season

Chicago Bears, Cairo Santos
Chicago Bears, Cairo Santos / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Cairo Santos, K

While he's not viewed as one of the league's best kickers, Cairo Santos has been about as consistent as you can get for the Bears. Among all kickers with at least 35 field goal attempts in 2023, Santos finished no. 4 overall, in terms of accuracy, at 92.1 percent. He made 35 of 38 attempts.

The thing about Chicago this year, is the fact that they'll likely have a rookie quarterback in Caleb Williams. While Williams is more than likely to catch on and perform at a higher level than most rookies, he's still a rookie. He's going to make rookie mistakes. Fortunately, the Bears should have a strong defense to back him up. But, they also have one heck of a kicker to help win the close games.

In 2023, the Bears gave up an average of just 1.1 points more on defense, per game, than they scored on offense. That's as close as it gets. If Chicago had averaged just a field goal more, think about the possibilities.

Having a kicker that no one really talks about (because it's Chicago, and he's a kicker) can, has and will once again come in handy for the Bears. Santos is a phenomenal player who continues to fly under many radars.