4 Chicago Bears on the verge of losing their roster spot this preseason

A newly signed player and a rookie are on the list of players who may not make the 53-man roster

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The Chicago Bears' first preseason game was a success, given the win, but for the players on the roster, it is about much more than that. The preseason is about winning and losing roster spots and positions on the depth chart. Who are some players on the Bears that may be seeing their roster spot slip away?

4. Will the Chicago Bears release Travis Homer?

When the Chicago Bears signed Travis Homer, his path to the 53-man roster was clearly defined. He just had to make use of his value on special teams and in passing down situations to add enough for the team to keep him. Homer does not even bring much in the running game, but he is a core special teams option, and 81% of his snaps were on passing downs.

However, things took a spin when the Bears drafted Roschon Johnson. Johnson also happens to be known for his pass protection and ability on special teams, and Johnson has much more power. Homer also has to fight off Trestan Ebner, who was supposed to hold down that role last season.

He struggled as a rookie, which is why the team brought in Homer. However, Ebner appears to be playing better because he is ahead of Homer on the depth chart. He also got serious work in the first half, while Homer waited until closer to the fourth quarter to find himself on the field.

Worse than that, the Chicago Bears hardly used Homer on special teams. One argument can be that they know what they have in him, but some of their best special teams players were on the field, so it may just be that they are looking at combinations that do not include Travis Homer.

Homer is not a roster lock by a long shot and is starting to fade out of the roster picture. If his usage is the same in week two, you have to think he is not highly favored by the coaches.