4 Chicago Bears on the verge of losing their roster spot this preseason

A newly signed player and a rookie are on the list of players who may not make the 53-man roster

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Kendall Williamson, Chicago Bears
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2. Kendall Williamson is struggling to stick with the Chicago Bears

Kendall Williamson is a rookie seventh-round pick from Stanford. Despite the draft slot, he was taken so late that he is not guaranteed anything in the NFL. He is viewed as a high-priority UDFA. So, it may not be a huge shock that he is losing a training camp battle to former UDFA AJ Thomas.

Thomas was with the Chicago Bears last year and stuck on the practice squad. Now, he is fighting to stick on the roster. He has a huge step on Williamson with the year in hand, and it shows. Thomas started over him and got an interception. Meanwhile, things were looking fast for Williamson in the second half of the first preseason game.

Things need to slow down for him quickly, or he will not make the roster. Thomas is likely the fourth safety, but even Adrian Colbert has to be viewed as a better option for making the roster than Williamson. The truth is that special teams may be the determining factor.

The issue is that Williamson has not set himself apart from either in that area, too. So, he has two weeks to change his plans, or he may spend his rookie year on the practice squad.