5 Bears veterans who have played their final down for Chicago

Chicago will be making some upgrades at a few key positions this offseason.

Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson
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3. D'Onta Foreman, RB

The running back room should be pretty well set going into the coming season, with Khalil Herbert leading the way and second-year pro Roschon Johnson taking over the complimentary role. Last year, D'Onta Foreman ran pretty well when called upon. But, coming off a 1-year deal, there likely isn't any reason to bring him back other than on a cheap, veteran deal in order to keep continuity in the room.

Above all else, though, the Bears need to establish who is going to be their guy; their lead running back. If it's Herbert, then make it clear to he and the locker room that it's his job, with Johnson running close behind. Last year, riding the hot hand didn't create much consistency or continuity within this group. Sure, the Bears were still a great running team. But, we saw very few games where a lead back was established. It's going to be easier on the offense if they can figure out an identity where one or two backs are going to be of primary use.

Foreman showed he can still be a starting back in this league, and with Herbert and Johnson still on the roster, my guess is that the Bears go after a late-round rookie or even an undrafted running back to fill his shoes.