5 Bears veterans who have played their final down for Chicago

Chicago will be making some upgrades at a few key positions this offseason.

Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson
Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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4. Eddie Jackson, S

Similar to Cody Whitehair's situation, the Bears are in a spot where they can choose to cut veteran safety Eddie Jackson and save a good amount of money. Chicago is already in the top-10 in terms of available, projected cap space this offseason. And in cutting Whitehair (around $9 million savings) and Jackson (roughly $13 million savings), that number could skyrocket even further.

We've talked extensively about Jackson over the past year or two. Fans know his story by now. Coming in as a ball hawk and regarded as one of the league's top safeties after his first two seasons, Jackson played his way into a large extension.

But, since being given that multi-year deal, Jackson's play has taken a significant step backwards. He has allowed countless plays behind him, often getting caught out of position on deep crossing type routes. He's also forgotten how to make a tackle, it's seemed. Jackson's tackling has been bottom of the barrel over the past two seasons, and Chicago cannot afford that type of play from a safety making as much money as he is.

Within a young, rising secondary, Jackson is the weak link. This is an easy decision for Chicago to make.