How the Chicago Bears should view Peter Skoronski heading into the 2023 NFL Draft

Chicago Bears, Peter Skoronski
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A 2023 NFL Draft prospect that has been heating up among Chicago Bears social media lately is Peter Skoronski. He is a player that many Bears fans would love to see in a Bears uniform in 2023. However, there is a big debate on whether Skoronski will make a better prospect as an NFL guard or an NFL tackle. Then, there's further debate on if he can handle being a left tackle or only the right side. It's time to weigh in on this hot debate.

Before we get into what I think, I wanted to lay a foundation for what went into this analysis. I have read and reviewed multiple draft profiles from sites such as Pro Football Focus (PFF), The Draft Network,, NFL Draft Buzz, and Walter Football. I read all of these after watching game film of Northwestern vs Nebraska, Ohio State and Iowa. I have also looked at how Skoronski compares on PlayerProfiler and his Relative Athletic Score.

Should the Chicago Bears view Peter Skoronski as a guard or a tackle?

After watching the film, I went to see how my notes compared to the professional draft analysts. There are some things that I agreed with and some things I did not agree with. I think that's expected as analysts and scouts even seem divided on if Peter Skoronski can play tackle or if he needs to kick inside and play guard.

Obviously, most offensive linemen want to play left tackle because it is the most luxurious position on the offensive line and pays the best too. Just look at Orlando Brown, Jr. He wants to be a left tackle because of his dad too, but you know there's more to it than that. Alright, let's look at how I think Peter Skoronski projects at guard and tackle.