Bears war room reaction to drafting Rome Odunze is absolutely iconic

One person's reaction, in particular, sent the fanbase into a frenzy.
Chicago Bears, Rome Odunze
Chicago Bears, Rome Odunze / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Thursday night, the Chicago Bears official site and Youtube channel released the latest edition of "1920 Football Drive."

In this segment, they go deep into the pre-draft process involved in selecting both Caleb Williams and Rome Odunze. One specific moment within the episode, though, sent shockwaves through the fan base.

Right after the Bears selected Odunze with the ninth pick, Bears assistant general manager walked up to general manager Ryan Poles and dropped an absolute bombshell:

"[We got our] number one and number two player though," Cunningham said.

Hold the phone ... did Cunningham just reveal that the Bears had Caleb Williams as their number one player and Rome Odunze ... number two on their board? Overall?

There are so many things to unpack, here.

The Bears felt as though they came away with the top two players in the 2024 NFL Draft

First of all, the fact that the Bears were able to get the top two players on their board at no. 1 and no. 9 is downright silly. If that's true, then Poles probably felt like he got the steal of the century in drafting Odunze.

Secondly, let's not just gloss over the fact that this also means Poles had Odunze higher than both Marvin Harrison Jr. and Malik Nabers.

That's saying something, because both Harrison and Nabers are two of the best wide receiver prospects we've seen in recent years. This draft class is viewed as one of the better top-end receiver classes in the past decade, and that's saying something.

In that episode, Poles was visibly shocked after the Odunze pick, because the Bears didn't have to trade up to get him.

"Can't believe it ... I can't believe it ... the perfect day ... we didn't have to give up anything," Poles said aloud after the selection was made.

Now, Williams and Odunze still have to prove it on the field. There is a long way to go. But, if the Bears' scouting department and front office is right, and the Bears were able to get the top two players in the draft, then there is no reason why fans shouldn't be thinking about multiple Super Bowls in the near future.

Really, why not?