Top 3 Chicago Bears to watch against Green Bay Packers in Week #1

The Chicago Bears quarterback to wide receiver dynamic will be on display in week one

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1. Justin Fields is obvious game changer for the Chicago Bears

This one is pretty obvious. It would be quite hard to get through a list of the must-watch players and not include Justin Fields. Yes, the quarterback is always a must-watch, and we do watch them every play, so this is not too creative. However, for Fields, this game is important for him.

Fields has to show that he can take that step into being a much better quarterback. No one denies his athletic upside, but we need a more complete game now. Fans remember vividly watching Mitch Trubisky get picked off by Adrian Amos when the Packers said they just had to make Trubisky play quarterback.

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Will we see a similar event this week? Or, will the Packers force Fields to play quarterback, only to learn that he is ready to take that next step? The Green Bay Packers are the division rival and often led this division. More than that, they are expected to win with their defense this season, So if Fields plays well against this defense, it would go a long way. If he struggles, it may be more of the same. This will be important to follow under the spotlight.