4 Chicago Bears we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

The Chicago Bears are getting ready for the 2024 NFL Draft, and in doing so, they must avoid busts at all costs. They don't want a repeat of these four players.

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As the Chicago Bears prepare for the 2024 NFL Draft, a plethora of resources are being used to ensure the Bears don't add any potential 'busts' to their roster. There's also potential to add busts to the Bears in free agency, which they should also avoid doing in their quest for a Super Bowl.

The Chicago Bears need more 'Boom' players, fewer 'Busts'

When looking at a potential prospect for the Chicago Bears, players can fall under two categories: Boom or bust. The phrase, boom or bust, is used frequently in fantasy football to decide whether a player is worth starting in a lineup.

Calling a player a bust, however, is a way to say they didn't reach the expectations set for them, regardless of how high. It can also be used to say someone is flat-out bad. Even when expectations are low, players can fall under the umbrella of "busts".

The Chicago Bears, unfortunately, have plenty of busts riddled throughout their team's history. Kevin White is a common name to throw in the Chicago Bears' Bust Bus, though plenty of others fit the bill.

Now, poor performance isn't the only thing that could qualify someone as a "bust".

Some players, cough cough Kevin White, just weren't able to showcase their talents to the NFL because of injuries out of their control. The word "bust" really just categorizes the players who didn't work out. Not in the literal sense of working out at the gym, but their attempt at playing in the NFL— or one specific team— didn't work out.

With plenty of turnover since Kevin White left the Chicago Bears, there have been plenty of players who could be labeled as a bust. However, after the 2023 season, the Chicago Bears can safely call these four players what they were: Busts.