4 Chicago Bears we can safely call busts after the 2023 season

The Chicago Bears are getting ready for the 2024 NFL Draft, and in doing so, they must avoid busts at all costs. They don't want a repeat of these four players.

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Chicago Bears, Lucas Patrick
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Chicago Bears Bust No. 3: Lucas Patrick

While not drafted by the Chicago Bears, Lucas Patrick was a free agent signing who was supposed to make a rather immediate impact. And, he did. The impact was just the opposite of what he would've wanted.

In the nicest way possible, Lucas Patrick hasn't lived up to the hype.

For a player who was supposed to be bringing the teachings of Aaron Rodgers with him, he seemed to bring more of Nathaniel Hackett and Luke Getsy.

Patrick wasn't necessarily supposed to be a monster stud in the offensive line, but he has been the complete opposite. For those who believe in PFF grades, Lucas Patrick's game translates pretty well.

Lucas Patrick PFF grades by year (2020-2023)

2023 (CHI): 953 snaps, 11 penalties, 0 sacks allowed

PFF grade: 50.5

2022 (CHI): 269 snaps, 0 penalties, 2 sacks allowed

PFF grade: 55.9

2021 (GB): 911 snaps, 5 penalties, 1 sack allowed

PFF grade: 57.2

2020 (GB): 939 snaps, 3 penalties, 3 sacks allowed

PFF grade: 64.8

At a time when Justin Fields and the Chicago Bears needed help, Lucas Patrick was signed to add some much-needed talent. Instead, he joins the list of Bears busts throughout history.