Which Chicago Bears were duds during Week 4 vs. Broncos?

Chicago Bears fans are calling for heads after what should have been the first win in fourteen consecutive weeks ended up as another loss. There were a lot of mistakes made by players and coaching staff this week that ended up leading to the collapse.
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Chicago Bears, Chase Claypool
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Chicago Bears Week 4 Dud No. 2: Chase Claypool

First off, Ryan Poles knows he missed on this one. With the Bears reportedly shopping Chase Claypool for a fifth or sixth-round pick, it is all but Poles saying, "Yeah that was a miss" The main idea of the Claypool trade in the first place was to give Justin Fields a playmaker last season so they could try to actually develop him. Up until that point, all he had was a banged-up Darnell Mooney.

While on paper the idea of a 6'4" 238lb receiver who runs a 4.4 40-yard dash sounds nice, he has not played anything like what he could be since he got to the Bears. Unfortunately for Poles, his bid to make a statement to Justin Fields ended up hurting the offense. Claypool was a healthy scratch this week after his statements in the locker room calling out his coaches. While it is agreed the coaches have not used the players right this season, Claypool has also done nothing to earn the right to call anyone out.

After the Week 1 effort debacle combined with being involved with the costly interception in Week 2, he was already on thin ice. He has shown drop issues and continues to be a distraction on and off the field. There were questions in the offseason about his work ethic and it has carried into the season with his ability to always be saying something but inability to back it up with his play.

How nice would it be to have a fully invested and capable Chase Claypool in this offense? What he could bring to the table could make some offensive coordinators' mouths water. With Luke Getsy calling the shots, we never got to see what Chase could actually do for this team. Unfortunately for Chase, when he did get his number called, he did nothing with the opportunities.

This has culminated in him being away from the team and the offense never looking better without him there. Going forward, what reason do the Bears have to keep him around other than the fact he could be a good jump ball receiver? He has yet to consistently show anything, even with the poor usage of his skills.

There are plenty of other players on this team that have been used poorly, but they still play hard and do everything they can to help the team win. Claypool is a dud this week and has been one since he got here. If there is one more wind in the Claypool era, he will have to give everything he has in every aspect of the game to earn his spot back on this team.