Which Chicago Bears were duds during Week 4 vs. Broncos?

Chicago Bears fans are calling for heads after what should have been the first win in fourteen consecutive weeks ended up as another loss. There were a lot of mistakes made by players and coaching staff this week that ended up leading to the collapse.

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Chicago Bears, Offensive Line
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Chicago Bears Week Three Dud No. 3: Offensive Line

Another week passes and here is the offensive line back on the duds list. It is not even just the fact that they cannot keep their quarterback protected, but the penalties they keep committing has been a thorn in the offense. There have been countless holding and false start penalties called on a variety of Bears offensive lineman that have just been drive killers.

Obviously, the offensive line is decimated with injuries. Two of their top guys are on IR and other guys are out of position. Still, there are veterans on this line who have not been the vocal leaders they need to be. Cody Whitehair and Lucas Patrick have been arguably the worst two linemen on the team.

What has been especially disappointing is their ability to help Justin Fields pick up pressure and assign protection before the snap. Fields is still developing in this area unfortunately, and that means that the veterans on the line need to be better. Too many times there are free runners getting right to Fields and he has been taking some huge hits.

The one thing there are no excuses for is the penalties. The Bears offense sputtered late in this game particularly to some first and twenty downs because of terrible holding penalties and false starts on top of that. For an offense that is desperate for consistency, penalities that bring positive plays back are one of the worst things that could happen. The offense finally looked good and then the same problems came back to haunt them late. Unfortunately, losing habits are hard to get rid of, and that is what showed in clutch time for the Chicago Bears.

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For three quarters it seemed like Bears fans would finally be able to celebrate a win this season, but the same problems that have lingered since last season are still around. That shows how poor this team is coached right now, as well as the lack of development of some of the key players here. It seems that everything that could go wrong has and is still going wrong. To add to that, the problems that are controllable this year are not being solved or prevented. That is quite the sour recipe that tends to lead to this type of football.