3 Chicago Bears who will be most impacted by the offseason decisions 

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The Chicago Bears have huge offseason decisions to make involving their roster. Some of the decisions they make will impact certain players on the current roster. For example, drafting Caleb Williams or not has a direct impact on Justin Fields. 

While it does feel likely that Williams will impact Fields, what are some other questions that will be answered by the Bears' free-agent moves?

3. Will the Chicago Bears add competition at left tackle this offseason?

The second year of Braxton Jones at left tackle was up and down. It was a step forward from his rookie year when he was on the field. He missed time, had penalty issues early in the season, struggled with Myles Garrett as one does, and overall, his season was not strong enough to put him in the above-average caliber of starter. However, he has shown enough to the front office to be classified as a starter-caliber player. 

The question is whether that is good enough for a left tackle who is about to draft a quarterback first overall. The Chicago Bears will answer that question this offseason, depending on what they do at the position. 

They have the number nine overall pick, and they have a heap of cap space. If they wanted to replace Jones, they could. They also have enough capital and space to bring in competition if that is the path they would like to go. Do they sign depth, or do they not even touch the position at all, leaving Larry Borom to back up again?

If that was the case, the Bears would have full faith. The thought right now is that they would bring in someone better than Borom but not good enough to beat out Jones this offseason. Will that be their direction, or do they go another way?