3 Chicago Bears who will be most impacted by the offseason decisions 

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1. Do the Chicago Bears expect Zacch Pickens to take a step this offseason?

Another rookie who did not live up to expectations was Zacch Pickens. In some ways, this can be forgiven, in others, it is concerning. The thought was that Pickens and Gervon Dexter would be in-depth behind Justin Jones all season, and then Jones would leave in free agency, and they would both assume bigger roles. Still, Pickens was so poor in his limited time that you have to wonder how much faith the team has in giving him that bigger role.

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He brought no push in the pass rush and was average at best as a run defender. If the Chicago Bears bring back Justin Jones, it is a clear sign that Pickens is not ready to take a step, and they want him in the same role as last year. Even signing someone of that caliber would show this. Signing a backup nose tackle, a low-end free agent to veteran minimum money, or a day-three pick on the defensive line would show that Pickens is going to play significantly more than the year before. This offseason will be telling about what his role is and can be moving forward.