3 Chicago Bears who will be challenged most at Minnesota Vikings week 12

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Carolina Panthers v Chicago Bears, Darnell Wright
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2. The Chicago Bears rookie tackle will see another talented name 

You can tell that rookie right tackle Darnell Wright is not completely healthy right now. He battled through injury against Maxx Crosby in week seven, but since then, his play has dropped pretty dramatically. 

There is plenty of reason for this. He has been an ironman playing through injuries and has had plenty of tough matchups. He will get another one with Danielle Hunter on Monday.

When the Vikings played the Bears earlier in the season, Wright survived against Hunter, mainly because the Vikings leaned on stunts and twists and switching things up inside. When Hunter saw Wright one-on-one, he had his wins.

Still, Wright had his wins as well. If there are positives to say about Wright, it is that he is battle-tested and has not given up. He fought hard against Aidan Hutchinson before giving up a sack at the very end. Cameron Jordan, Maxx Crosby, Joey Bosa, and Montez Sweat join Hunter as the names he has faced in the past seven weeks. 

Can Wright hold off for one more game until the bye week gives him a chance to re-group, or does Hunter break the rookie who is already on the edge after a long season?