3 Chicago Bears who will be tested vs the Carolina Panthers

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The Chicago Bears are favored to beat the Carolina Panthers. This will be the first time that they have been favored to win since week two. The Panthers are coming in with plenty of issues, but they are still an NFL team. The Bears will be tested like always. Which players will have the biggest tests?

3. The Chicago Bears will see how good Teven Jenkins can be in the run game Thursday

The Chicago Bears run game has always been their strength, but the group has improved dramatically since Teven Jenkins returned to the lineup. Jenkins was good at left guard, but his recent play at right guard has been some of the best play you will see in the run game.

Jenkins has been good, and in some cases, he has had matchup advantages. This week will be his toughest test yet. Jenkins will square off with Derrick Brown this week. Brown plays all around the interior, but the vast majority of his snaps are going to come against the right guard.

When you look at the Carolina Panthers' defensive front, it is clear that Derrick Brown is the best player in the group, especially with Brian Burns out due to a concussion. Still, Brown will line up against the Chicago Bears best, which should give them a great matchup. Does Jenkins struggle when the matchup gets tougher?

Or do the Carolina Panthers move Derrick Brown around a bit more to get him an advantageous situation? If Brown avoids Jenkins, he will get to see Lucas Patrick and Cody Whitehair, which are clear advantages for the Panthers. However, the Bears will run to the side of Jenkins, so they could try to take Brown out of the way in that regard. This matchup will dictate whether the Bears struggle or play well on Thursday.