3 winners (and 3 losers) from Bears offseason so far

Who has won (and lost) already this offseason, before the Bears even step on the field?
Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert, Cole Kmet
Chicago Bears, Khalil Herbert, Cole Kmet / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Winner: Matt Eberflus

What a difference a few months make. At one point during the regular season, last year, Bears fans were calling for this guy's head. Matt Eberflus' job was on the line and he appeared to be skating on thin ice. But, the Bears finished the season strong, particularly on defense.

Not only that, but they obtained the number one pick, which Eberflus should count as the biggest blessing of all. There's no way the Bears were going to bring in a rookie quarterback under a brand-new head coach. That would set Williams up for slower development as a pro. Instead, the Bears stuck with Flus, gave him the best quarterback prospect of the past decade, and upgraded the roster in several other ways.

Oh, and have you seen the facial hair? He's a new man!

Loser: Dominique Robinson, DE

If I were Dominique Robinson, I'd be preparing for the worst; as in, preparing to be cut as a worst-case scenario. Right now, he's fourth in line on the depth chart. Rookie fifth-round pick Austin Booker should come in and immediately jump ahead of him, but start behind Montez Sweat and DeMarcus Walker.

Booker was graded out as a possible third-round pick by some major outlets, and the Bears got him in the fifth. Robinson is coming off a season that saw him play in 11 games while registering only 0.5 sacks in that time. To say he's on the bubble is a massive understatement, especially after the Bears added Booker.