Chicago Bears winners and losers from Week 1 vs Packers

It was clear throughout the game as to what and who contributed most to the loss for the Bears

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Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
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Week 1 Loser No. 1: Luke Getsy

It was clear the coaching staff either did not trust Justin Fields to have to make too many decisions with the football today, or they just knew that the offensive line would not be able to hold blocks enough to set up a downfield passing attack. It turned out that both were true, especially the latter in most key spots today, but they really did not give the offense a chance to do much with the "scared" playcalling that was used today. Countless screens that did not work for much and poorly timed running plays were the problem for the offense today.

The Packers were very prepared for the best stuff that the Bears threw at them, and Getsy was not able to make the countermoves to keep the offense in the game. They did not give Justin Fields many chances to make plays that would actually contribute to the offense and instead used repeated checkdowns and screens. Those plays are fine if worked strategically into the gameplan, but if those are your go-to plays to move the ball, it will not work.

Getsy and the coaching staff are going to have to give Fields the green light to make plays this year. There were some really nice throws in this game when Fields had some time, and an actual play was called for him. Sure, Fields threw a terrible pick, and he still needs to show that he can be an effective, consistent passer. But to do that, he needs an actual offensive game plan to utilize, not a scared offensive attack.