Who are the worst Chicago Bears draft picks over the last 10 years?

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Chicago Bears 2020 NFL Draft: Cole Kmet, TE

Selection: Second Round (43rd overall)

I know that I’m much lower on Cole Kmet than the consensus, but just hear me out. 
First and foremost, there isn’t a single pick from this draft that I consider to be awful. All of these players have either been solid contributors or were taken too low to have any expectations. This is what causes a player like Kmet, who has been a solid starter to the top of this list. 

While I don’t consider Kmet to be a bad NFL player by any stretch, I still believe Chicago taking him where they did was a bad pick, or at least the worst of this draft. The Bears were left without a first-round pick in the 2020 Draft because of the Khalil Mack trade. With their first pick, they took a tight end, which is generally believed to be a position of lower value. 

Instead, they could’ve taken Antoine Winfield Jr., Trevon Diggs, Chase Claypool, or Jalen Hurts, all of whom were taken later in the second round. The point here is the Bears could have gotten more value out of this spot but opted to go with a high-floor, low-ceiling play.

Bears fans can like Kmet as a player, and the security blanket he has become for Fields in the red zone while still acknowledging his pick was a bit of a weird one.