WWE Champion Seth Rollins pleads for the Bears to keep Justin Fields

The champ has spoken.

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This offseason, the Chicago Bears have a huge decision to make.

Yet again, the team has the no. 1 overall pick in the draft. Yet again, they have to decide whether or not to stick with quarterback Justin Fields versus drafting a quarterback first overall. Last year, of course, the Bears made a big trade with the Carolina Panthers which netted them wide receiver D.J. Moore and a draft haul.

This year, though, the stakes are higher. The no. 1 pick is presumably going to be USC quarterback Caleb Williams, who is an even better prospect than Bryce Young was a year ago.

If you were to ask one particular Bears fan who knows a thing or two about professional sports, the Bears should keep Fields for another year.

WWE Champion and known Bears fan, Seth Rollins, made an appearance on NFL Network's Super Bowl Live Wednesday afternoon and gave a pretty strong endorsement on the current Bears quarterback.

Seth Rollins is team Justin Fields.

"I love Justin Fields. I want to keep him," Rollins told Brian Baldinger.

Rollins went on to talk about how the Bears made some strides last season, as did Fields, and they should keep the momentum going.

"You see it, you feel it ... and he's got the arm. He can make all the throws," Rollins said. "You give him some time, give him another weapon in there and I feel good about it. I feel really good about where the offense will be next season."

So if the Bears keep Fields, then they obviously trade the first overall pick, which Rollins feels is an easy call to make.

"I think it's a no-brainer. If you can do it, trade down and get the house again," he said.

If the Bears were to trade the no. 1 overall pick, recent reports suggest they could get three first-round picks in a package. Assuming the Bears can get three first-round picks in return, they'd have another opportunity at a franchise quarterback in the coming years, should Fields not work out.

But as for now, Rollins thinks Fields is "the guy."