Could the Chicago Bears and Patriots shock everyone with this trade before the draft?

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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Chicago Bears, Justin Fields
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I will continue to preface this with I am not confident in Mel Kiper's opinion that Justin FIelds should see a first-round pick in return. At most, I think Fields nets two seconds or a second and a third. However, should Fields be worth a first-round pick to someone, I would love to think that New England could actually be in play here. As I mentioned, is that the real reason they brought him in for an interview?

The Chicago Bears could make many fans very happy

Could the Patriots, who sit at 3, see Justin Fields as a better option at quarterback than the prospects who sit behind Caleb Williams and Drake Maye? Chicago holds the 1.01 and many believe they will move on from Fields and take a quarterback. Washington is also heavily rumored to be in on one of the top quarterbacks despite Sam Howell showing flashes. If those two QBs go, New England would be left with Jayden Daniels, Michael Penix, Jr., and Bo Nix as arguably the next-best options. Again, maybe they see Fields as the better option though.

Don't forget that Penix and Nix are older prospects. Both will be 24 very soon. Fields will be 25 before the start of the new year. Daniels will be the youngest at 23. Fields already has 3 years of experience in the NFL though. It's possible that New England looks to land him by making this trade (again going off the Kiper insight).

New England Patriots Receive:

Justin Fields
9th Overall Pick

Chicago Bears Receive:

3rd Overall Pick

Rather than gambling the team's future by sending multiple future draft picks to move up from 3 to 2 or 1 in order to secure Drake Maye or Caleb Williams, it's possible that the Patriots could look to send 3 to the Chicago Bears for the 9th overall pick and Justin Fields. If Fields is truly worth a first, then this trade could be possible. If he's not, then Chicago would likely need to send more - remember what the Panthers gave up to move from 9 to 1 last year — it won't need to be that much, but relatively close.

What would this mean for the Chicago Bears?