Could the Chicago Bears and Patriots shock everyone with this trade before the draft?

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
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Chicago Bears, Marvin Harrison Jr.
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The Chicago Bears could have their cake and eat it too

Well, if the Chicago Bears and Patriots make this trade, it's possible that they could walk away with their pick at quarterback — let's assume it is Caleb Williams. Ryan Poles could take Poles with the first-overall pick knowing that Washington would likely take Drake Maye. If Washington wants Caleb Williams that bad and Poles has Maye graded closely with Williams, then Poles could move down one spot from 1 to 2 and collect a little extra draft capital in the process. Let's say the 1st overall pick for 2 and 36 or 2 and 67. I would love it if Poles somehow landed that second-rounder in the process.

If Poles takes the quarterback of his choosing at 1.01, it means that at 1.03 he could take arguably the best prospect in the draft — Marvin Harrison, Jr. Some are putting Malik Nabers and/or Rome Odunze in the same tier as Harrison, but I refuse to do so. Harrison is in a tier of his own, even above the quarterbacks for me.


This should appease many Bears fans who don't want to draft Caleb Williams knowing that if the Bears do this they won't be able to add Marvin Harrison to the roster too. Well, now those fans will see Chicago land the quarterback and the receiver — leaving only the true Justin Fields fans unhappy.