D'Onta Foreman signing completes Chicago Bears solid RBBC

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears signed D'Onta Foreman to a one-year deal worth $3M. The move is smart and completes a room that we had been discussing this off-season.

The Chicago Bears are going to a running back by committee

While all fans want the big name in fantasy football or a guy to buy their jersey, those days are over for the running back position in the NFL. There are so many talented backs, and so many varying skill sets that it is easy to piece together a solid room with three runners.

The Chicago Bears did just that with Khalil Herbert, D'Onta Foreman and Travis Homer. With Foreman and Herbert, they have a solid one-two punch of power and speed.

They call Herbert 'juice' for a reason. When he was behind Montgomery he was ripping off big plays left and right. They wanted to get him more work but knew they could not overload him. So, they added some thunder in Foreman.

Forman is a strong runner between the tackles, and after coming back from an Achilles tear, he has completely revitalized his NFL career. Still, when you tear a ligament-like that, you may get back to a good speed, but you are not at top speed. Foreman lacks that explosive gear, but he can grind out the yard or two when needed.

When the Bears need just a few yards, and cannot afford to lose yards, Foreman is the man. When they want a big play and can risk a bad play, they ride with Herbert.

The issue with both is that neither is reliable in the passing game. Travis Homer is a passing down back that completes the group. He has played 81% of his snaps on passing downs, and he takes pride as a pass protector. Ask Seattle Seahawks fans, they vouch for Homer as a pass protector.

Homer is not a trusted runner between the tackles, but he is third in line there. He excelled in pass protection and needs more snaps in that area, which he will get in Chicago.

When you add that the Bears drafted Trestan Ebner, and he could compete with Travis Homer for that passing down back, you have to think the Bears' room is now complete.

When you add it up, Foreman will make $3M, Homer will make $2M, and Herbert will make about $ 1 M. At about $6M, the team filled the running back room, which is about the same money that Montgomery got paid. Considering they would still need two backups, this is the much more cost-effective route to get three players for the pi

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They may add a UDFA who is notable, either as a power back, speed back, or pass protector. Still, with three candidates to fill out an RBBC, and a second-year runner as depth, the running back room looks like it is all set.