3 Denver Broncos players that Chicago Bears fans must fear week four

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Chicago Bears, Marvin Mims
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2. The Chicago Bears have to be aware of Marvin Mims on the Denver Broncos

It is wild to see that the Denver Broncos' best receiver is also their number four wide receiver. Rookie Marvin Mims has seven catches for 195 yards this season on just 27 routes run. Meanwhile, Courtland Sutton has 189 yards on 107 routes, Brandon Johnson has 109 yards on 68 routes, and Jerry Jeudy has 106 yards on 68 routes.

Why is Brandon Johnson playing more than Marvin Mims? We do not know, but this may be the week when that changes. It is not just a small sample with Mims, who seems to make big plays every week, and every chance he gets a limited oppurtunity.

Mims has a kickoff return touchdown, a 45-yard punt return, and 13 yards rushing. Marvin Mims is everything the Chicago Bears wish that Velus Jones was. This will be a player to watch every single snap. He is someone that you cannot go to the bathroom for during punts because magic may happen. Also, if he is on the field for a limited time, be on the lookout for him. If he sees more snaps, this could be his breakout game where he does what he has been on more volume.