6 depth free agents who will not return to the Chicago Bears in 2024

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3. D’onta Foreman left the Chicago Bears on a  sour note 

D’onta Foreman had been banged up in recent weeks, but he came back healthy. However, the Chicago Bears decided to keep him inactive, ending his season in week 15. Foreman had six rushes for -6 yards and had a poor day in pass protection, and it appears the Chicago Bears were done with him from that point.

Foreman is done with the Bears, as he voiced his displeasure with being inactive for the final two games despite no injuries. Still, when Roschon Johnson and Khalil Herbert were healthy from weeks two through five, they were the duo who started, and Foreman was inactive. He was mainly active because both of them were hurt, especially Herbert. 

Herbert won the job back, and they moved on. Herbert and Johnson will be on the roster next year, and Foreman will not as well. The Bears will likely want to add one more back to this group, but it was clear that Foreman was not needed when Herbert was healthy so both sides will be ready to move on.