6 depth free agents who will not return to the Chicago Bears in 2024

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2. The Chicago Bears may move on from Dan Feeney

This may be the most likely player to return. Dan Feeney was traded for late in the offseason, and by all accounts, he was what they expected him to be: a depth lineman. Feeney wound up playing 90 snaps this season, with most of his time coming in weeks 11 and 18. 

He played all 90 snaps at center, and 87 of them came in those two games. The Bears gave him an audition against the Green Bay Packers, but he showed them nothing to prevent them from finding upgrades, not only at the center but also in the depth department. 

Feeney could come back for a few reasons. First, with under 400 snaps in the past three years, teams are not liming up for him. He will not have a heavy price tag. Ryan Poles traded for him, so he had some interest and may not have lost it in one season or one bad performance against the Packers. 

At the same time, the Bears have seen nothing to cling to him and make sure he returns, and now he has a chance to find the best situation for him, not the team that traded for him. Time will tell.