3 depth safeties who can make the Chicago Bears roster with a strong preseason

The Chicago Bears have competition at the back end of the safety depth chart

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Chicago Bears, AJ Thomas
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1. A.J. Thomas is the leader to make the Chicago Bears roster?

A.J. Thomas has a chance to cement his status with the Chicago Bears this weekend. Thomas was a rookie UDFA from Western Michigan last season, but he played well in the preseason, stuck around the practice squad, and then got called up late in the year.

Thomas only got on the field for some late snaps in week 18, but he finished with 13 defensive snaps, and 66 special teams overall. So, he started to find his way, and as we have noted, making it via special teams is going to take him a long way.

Now, Thomas is looking to solidify a roster spot. A huge note from the Chicago Bears depth chart release is that Thomas was on the second-team. He should come in with Elijah Hicks as the second unit. If he plays well, he has the experience over Williamson and the youth over Colbert that it would be hard for either of them to catch Thomas. Thomas also has proven to be an asset on special teams, and that will lock down his spot.

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Not many players have more on the line than Thomas, but he can basically lock down a roster spot with a few more strong weeks.