Did Cole Kmet take a shot at the Bears over what's happening with Justin Fields

The tight end had some interesting comments on Fields' future in Chicago.

Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears
Detroit Lions v Chicago Bears / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

At this point, everyone's got a Justin Fields take. Whether it's pro-Fields, or pro-Caleb Williams – who, at this point, is widely expected to replace him next year and beyond – the conversation about what the Bears are going to do at quarterback is one of the biggest of the NFL offseason.

That discussion now includes, apparently, Bears tight end Cole Kmet. In a wide-ranging interview Kmet did with Chicago Sun-Times writer Jason Lieser, Kmet talked about what he thinks the Bears will do about their QB, and whether or not it's entirely fair to Fields:

Well then! Truth be told, Kmet's comments don't feel all that controversial. The NFL is unfair. They are going to replace players with cheaper, better options. If anything, Kmet's just diplomatically phrasing what everyone kinda already knows at this point: that Chicago's going to move on from Fields soon so that they can draft Williams.

Kmet's comments echo his fellow teammate DJ Moore, who was staunchly pro-Fields for most of the season before changing a bit of his tune recently, admitting that he'll support whichever QB is under center next season. After telling reporters that he thought Fields was better than both Williams and UNC QB Drake Maye earlier this season, Moore told Lieser that "I don’t get paid to make that decision. I just go out there and make as many plays as I can for the quarterback that’s back there, as I’ve shown this year."

So, the story here is probably less that Kmet threw the Bears under the bus, and that Bears players are coming around on the fact that Fields' time in Chicago is up. Fair or not, that's life in the NFL, which everyone learns eventually. But if Kmet wanted to take a shot at the Bears for how they've, you know, never developed a quarterback ever, that'd probably be fair game. Maybe next time.