Did Matt Eberflus call out former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy?

Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus
Chicago Bears, Matt Eberflus / Todd Rosenberg/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are one assistant coach away from finalizing their coaching staff. The team finally introduced their new offensive and defensive coordinators. Eric Washington and Shane Waldron spoke to the media. The hope was that Waldron may have shed some light on the Bears quarterback situation. He did not give us much. All he said was that his system should be able to fit any quarterback's skillset. In fact, Waldron didn't even use their names. Eric Washington talked about building the best pass rush in football — something this Bears defense hasn't had in a few years.

Matt Eberflus spoke before the two coordinators and I thought he had some very interesting things to say. Actually, some of his comments could be interpreted in a way that suggests his relationship with Luke Getsy wasn't all roses.

When talking to the media on Thursday, Matt Eberflus spoke about the characteristics he was looking for in a new offensive and defensive coordinator. Since Eberflus is retaining the play calling on defense, this comment was clearly more directed toward the offensive coordinator.

"Being creative, you want to be curious, to make the scheme go with the skillset that we have. Being adaptable. You got to be able to adapt. During the course of a season, you are going to have injuries at times. You are going to have different skill sets in there. In-game adaptability. You got to be able to have in-game tactics. Being a leader. Being a teacher."

Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears HC

When I hear him speak about what they needed in their coordinators, it sounds very different from what they had in Luke Getsy. I won't speak to Getsy being a leader or a teacher. He seemed to have those two things down to a degree. That said, sometimes to be a good teacher you need to recognize what you have in players (students) and adapt your scheme (teaching style). That happened to a degree with Getsy, but not nearly enough. Also, Getsy clearly struggled with in-game adaptability. His scripted plays worked well but he could not make the adjustments needed within the game.

To recap, Matt Eberflus made it very clear that the team needs the following in an offensive coordinator:

In-Game Tactics or Adjustments
Teaching Ability

Matt Eberflus goes on to say that his coaches must have two other things — called them the most important. He wants his coaches to have a love of the game. He believes that if a coach has a love for the game, it becomes infectious among the players too. Second, he wants his coaches to be able to partner. That was an interesting thing to say because it again seems as though Luke Getsy and Matt Eberflus didn't have the best relationship or partnership.

"The partnership that you form with your coaches and on your staff. The partnership you form with your players is ultimately what gets it done in this league. Our product that we put on the field is our players. We want our players to look the very best — our units to look the very best. That's going to bring winning football to the Chicago Bears."

Matt Eberflus, Chicago Bears HC


All I keep hearing when Matt Eberflus speaks is how the organization is putting more blame on Luke Getsy than Justin Fields and the rest of the offense. That is not to say that Fields will be the quarterback in 2024. In fact, I believe it will for sure be Caleb Williams. However, it does align with what I thought all along when watching this team in 2023.