What is the difference between the Chicago Bears starting Braxton Jones and Larry Borom?

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The Chicago Bears have started Braxton Jones for seven games this season, and he has 47 more total snaps than Larry Borom now, surpassing him just last week. So, while the sample is about as even as possible, it is a good time to look into the difference. 

The Chicao Bears are significantly better with Braxton Jones than Larry Borom

Jones had been charged with 17 pressures, and that includes two quarterback hits and one sack. That is on 274 pass-block snaps. On 225 snaps Larry Borom has 25 pressures allowed, with six quarterback hits, and three sacks. To be fair, Braxton Jones has four holding calls while Borom has just two. 

Still, Jones has an 81.5 pass block grade, per PFF, and when you watch the tape he is much better. Boron has a 45.2 pass block grade.  To be fair, Braxton Jones missed out on Khalil Mack and Chase Young, two of Borom's toughest foes. Still, Borom struggled with DJ Woonum and Tyree Wilson just as much. Jones has not had a gauntlet of rushers thrown at him, but he has handled business when he was expected to.

It is hard to calculate the difference in run blocking, but the things that Braxton Jones does in the second level make him a massive upgrade. He sprung the D.J. Moore touchdown run, and the Bears can get a lot more creative in their play calls because of him. 

In 187 snaps as a run blocker, Braxton Jones has a 64.7 grade, while Borom is at 50.3 As a zone blocker, Jones is graded at 72.3 and Borom at 61.1. Then, as a power blocker, Jones is graded out at 56.1, and Borom is 43.6.

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The grades can tell you so much, but the tape tell you that all of this matches. The Chicago Bears have been significantly better with Braxton Jones as their starting left tackle. He may not be an All-Pro, but he is a starter for them next year.