3 differences with Chicago Bears going to Shane Waldron as offensive coordinator 

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1. The Chicago Bears actually hired a Sean McVay tree coach 

When the Chicago Bears hired Luke Getsy, there was a lot of talk about Sean McVay's offense. They hired Getsy from the Green Bay Packers, and the Packers had Matt LeFleur, who worked under McVay. The thought was that Getsy was a part of the tree. That was not the case. 

Getsy came from a Joe Moorhead offense and was hired by Mike McCarthy. He was close with Aaron Rodgers, so LeFleur brought him back. Still, his influences are much more tied to McCarthy and Moorhead than McVay and even LeFleur. 

Now, they have someone directly tied to McVay. Waldron worked with McVay all the way back with Washington. He was working under McVay from 2016 through the 2021 season when he left for Seattle. 

This is not a name by association; this is someone who was not only in the room, but he was also giving his input into how the offenses were structured. This is a much more direct tie to the tree. 

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So, the move may work out, but it may not. Either way, they are trying something different, even if it is a lot of what they thought they were getting before.