4 differences from the Chicago Bears trade for Montez Sweat and Chase Young to 49ers

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Montez Sweat
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2. Chase Young is a better pass rusher

When the two are on the field, Chase Young is the better pass rusher. Young has five sacks this season and 14 in his career, while Sweat has 6.5 this year and 35.5 in his career. The flashes of upside are there with Young more than Sweat.

This year, Sweat has 27 pressures, while Young has 38. Sweat has a 7.7 pass rush production score, per PFF, while Young is at 9.4. Also, Young has an 18.4% pass rush win rate, while Sweat is at 10.6%. The other time that they were on the field together, Montez Sweat had a 10.2% win rate, while Chase Young was at 11.6%. When Chase Young was a rookie, he had a 10.5% win rate, while Sweat was 9.6%.

These scores make out who these players are. Young is ascending up, and Sweat is the stable force who gets what he gets. The Chicago Bears elected for the consistency of Sweat rather than the potential upside in Chase Young.