3 differences from Justin Fields returning for Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

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The Chicago Bears lost in devastating fashion to the Detroit Lions, but there definitely were some positives to take away from the game. Justin Fields made his return to the lineup, and he looked pretty good, which will complicate the decision of whether to move on from him or not in the upcoming draft. 

What were some of the things we saw from Justin Fields after Tyson Bagent made four starts for the Bears?

3. Justin Fields was taking fewer bad sacks for the Chicago Bears

One of the big notes when Tyson Bagent stepped in for Justin Fields, was how few sacks Bagent was taking. It was the same offensive line and same play caller, but more sacks for Fields. It failed to note that Fields was making more plays down the field in exchange for those sacks, but still, Fields was the worst culprit at taking sacks of any quarterback, and that had to improve. 

On Sunday, he did take two sacks, but that was the lowest sack rate of his season. It also was the lowest pressure to sack rate. He posted a 14.3% pressure to sack rate. This stat is important because it takes away the offensive line. When you are already under pressure, how often do you take a sack?

Fields was at 21.7% for his season, so that is 7% below that rate. In his entire career, this was the third lowest pressure-to-sack-rate. It is clear that this was a talking point in the time that Fields was out. Also, it does seem like Fields took some notes from watching Tyson Bagent. 

Seeing Justin Fields learn and grow in this area is good. Now, we need six more games with a low pressure-to-sack rate. He needs to get his season rate under 20%. That would show the improvement needed.