3 differences from Justin Fields returning for Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

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Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions, Justin Fields
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2. Justin Fields is pushing the ball down the field more

One of the biggest differences for Justin Fields and Tyson Bagent is downfield passing. Fields took more sacks but had more yards and fewer turnovers when he throws the ball down the field. In one game back, we saw an immediate difference.

From weeks 7-10, Tyson Bagent had a 6% deep pass attempt rate. Justin Fields saw 13% of his attempts travel 20 yards. Fields had as many 20-yard completions against Detroit as Bagent did in all four of his starts. 

Fields had an average depth of target of 12.3, while Bagent was at 6.2. Also, Fields averaged 7.3 yards per attempt, while Bagent was at 6 yards. 

This was a huge boost for D.J. Moore as well. Moore caught a deep pass for a touchdown. He had seven catches for 96 yards and a touchdown. He averaged 53 yards per game with Bagent and immediately shot right back up with Fields. 

In games when Fields starts and finishes, he averages 104.5 yards per game, and that is a bigger sample than Bagent. He nearly doubled his production because of Fields being out there. That is a big split.