The 4 most disappointing Chicago Bears of Week 1

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy
Chicago Bears, Luke Getsy / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy showed us nothing on Sunday

While Eberflus deserves accountability for the shortcomings of his defense, Bears offensive coordinator Luke Getsy has a lot to answer for, too.

The Bears offense was predictable all day, settling into the familiar run-run-pass cadence that fans have sadly become accustomed to over the course of multiple regimes.

The first drive of the afternoon was short-circuited by two consecutive quarterback sneaks that failed to gain a yard. Justin Fields was under pressure all day, even though the passing game consisted almost exclusively of screens, quick passes to the flat, and short curls.

At no point did the Bears change their gameplan, even continuing to run the ball in the fourth quarter while down 24 points. The Packers packed the box and never gave respect to the Bears' downfield passing game, and with Getsy calling nothing but short stuff, they were right to do so.

Here's the problem: the Bears defense is not, and won't be, good this year. I wrote recently that the defense's ceiling was to be league average, but a more realistic goal would be to not be one of the bottom five units in the league. With that in mind, the offense is going to have to score. It needs to be dynamic. It needs to take chances. That means running it up the middle twice in a row and then leaving Justin Fields with a third and long when the defense knows he's passing is not going to cut it.

Is Justin Fields the guy to lead the Bears to the promised land? We don't know, and we never will if the Bears can't let him loose. Fields is a big play machine, but he hasn't shown the ability to methodically work a team down the field.

Bears fans lived through the John Fox era, where the coaches didn't trust the quarterback and the offense regressed to prehistoric levels in the name of squeezing out an unwatchable 16-12 win. There's no future in that, and we can't live through that again. Can it get much worse than being smacked at home by the Packers? I don't think so. Open up the playbook and see what happens.