The 4 most disappointing Chicago Bears of Week 1

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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Chase Claypool, Chicago Bears
Chase Claypool, Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

Chase Claypool pulled another disappearing act when the Bears needed him

Chase Claypool didn't have much to do on Sunday, but the few times the Bears needed him, the 6'4" former Steeler came up small.

Claypool was targeted twice by Justin Fields, the same number as heralded offseason acquisition D.J. Moore, but while Moore reeled in both targets, Claypool registered a zero in the box score.

Worse, his lack of effort as the key blocker on a screen pass to Darnell Mooney turned a possible positive play into a big loss, plus Mooney got his bell rung unnecessarily.

Claypool cost the Bears the first pick of the second round of the NFL Draft, and at no point against real competition has he looked worth that steep price. Reports out of training camp were that the Notre Dame product looked great when healthy, but the reality is that only once in his eight-game tenure with the Bears has he put up more than 30 yards receiving in a game.

Claypool had an excuse last year. He was acquired midseason and didn't have time to fully grasp the offense or develop a connection with Justin Fields. He also was hampered by injuries towards the end of the year.

The time for excuses is done. Claypool is going to earn the title of the NFL's version of Ben Simmons if he doesn't start producing soon.