The 4 most disappointing Chicago Bears of Week 1

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
Justin Fields, Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears will go where Justin Fields takes them, and on Sunday that wasn't very far

I hate criticizing Justin Fields. I think he's been dealt a bum hand since he first landed in Chicago, from the lack of skill position support, to bad offensive line play, to questionable coaching. At some point though, if he really is our savior, shouldn't he start, you know, saving us?

Fields was more Clark Kent than Superman against the Packers, failing to lead the team to a touchdown until there was less than a minute remaining in the third quarter. He seemed spooked all day by his line's inability to give him time to throw, and as the game wore on, his happy feet worsened.

Fields seemed to lack the confidence to drop back and deliver the ball on time, continually tucking it and scrambling, and you can count on one hand how many times he tested the Packers' secondary by throwing the ball downfield.

D.J. Moore, the receiver who has been likened to Stefon Diggs and A.J. Brown (both of whom helped their new quarterbacks reach the next level with their arrival), is supposed to be the guy that helps Fields make the leap into superstardom, but Fields only looked his way twice. Moore is a phenomenal route runner with great hands and ability after the catch. Fields needs to get him the ball.

Though he's known for his big play ability with his legs, Fields was never able to fully bust loose for a huge gain, and he turned the ball over twice: once on a fumble as he was reaching for a first down, and another time on an interception over the middle in which he stared his receiver down.

This Bears roster is still not ready to compete with the top teams in the league, but it shouldn't be too much to ask to at least hang with a Packers team that is playing in its first game without its Hall of Fame quarterback.

The Bears will travel to Tampa Bay this coming Sunday for a matchup with a Bucs team that upset the Vikings in Week 1. Chicago's coaching staff will need to do a much better job of preparing the team, and Justin Fields and Chase Claypool have to show us something, otherwise it's going to be the start of another long season in the Windy City.