3 disastrously bad news items coming from Chicago Bears media availability

The Bears had bad news story after news story come out

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Chicago Bears, Braxton Jones
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2. The Chicago Bears will place Braxton Jones on IR

Possibly the worst news on the field to come out of Halas Hall was seeing Braxton Jones get placed on the IR. 2022 was a huge season for the fifth-round pick. As a rookie, he started and played every game, which is impressive. He is better than his draft stock, but we are still not sure how good he is.

He had moments of solid play but also gave up an easy sack in week two. Jones has had far too many penalties as well. The big issue with Jones going to the IR with a neck injury is that it may be season-ending. If this is it for Jones, does he start next year, or do the Bears replace him?

Also, what do they do at left tackle? Larry Borom is the swing tackle, but he has spent almost all of his career on the right side. Is this a time to move Darnell Wright to the left tackle and not look back? Do the Chicago Bears sign a tackle to step in, or does Larry Borom get the rest of the season to start? These are not the questions a 0-2 wants to be asking.